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Washington, DC Lifestyle Photography: Daniel & Kristy

lifestyle portrait of a couple wearing shades near dupont circle in washington dc

Washington, DC Lifestyle Photography: Daniel & Kristy


To some, things just come naturally.

Like being comfortable in front of the camera on a swelering hot day in Washington, DC. The brutal DC summer heat has arrived and the high temperatures this week are hovering at100 degrees. Add drenching high humidity and, well, you get the picture. It’s the reason air conditioning was invented.  For this session I’m in lightweight shorts and a Dri-Fit top, carrying the lightest camera bag I own, packed with the absolute minimum of gear. And still I feel the weight and force of this oppressive heat and matching humidity, like I’m in a perpetual sauna.

This is one session I won’t soon forget.

Why shoot in weather like this, right? Good question! We had planned for cooler times, but between Kristy’s travel schedule, Daniel’s work schedule and my jam-packed in-season bookings calendar, we just couldn’t get it done. But the window of time to shoot this session is closing quickly, so here we are on a blistering late summer afternoon in downtown Washington, DC, doing a lifestyle session for this remarkable couple.  ‘Remarkable’ may be an understatement. ‘Superheroes of the Summer Heat‘ may be a better description of these folks. Marvel should sign this couple to a conract!

Daniel & Kristy are in full dress-up mode. And they look amazing!

I feel like I’m dropping weight standing still.  Danile and Kristy look as fresh and as ready as if we were doing a studio session. Note to self. This couple would make great politicians, in case anyone asks, never breaking a sweat under pressure or cruel heat. Shooting a couple like this makes my job almost easy. Almost. There is still work to be done, but when it’s fun and the folks you’re working with are calm and cool it’s not really work at all, except for wiping the occasional foggy lens and keeping yourself and your gear dry.

So, even in 104 degree weather, this was fun. A very special thanks to my creative director for this session ~ Daniel, of Daniel and Kristy. Like I said, he’s a natural.

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