About NEIL



I grew up with a camera in my hands.


My father was a talented amateur photographer, with an eye for portraiture and the photo essay. When I was young, he traveled often. His work took him all over the world. On my 9th birthday, he returned home from a trip to Germany with a gift that would become my favorite; a smooth brown leather camera bag, with big silver buckles and wide leather straps. Tucked inside was a 35mm SLR camera body and two lenses; a 135mm telephoto and a fast 50mm. It was all the camera gear I would need for years.


My dream was to be a professional photographer, traveling the world on assignments for the likes of National Geographic, The New York Times or Rolling Stone. I fully expected to earn my living with a camera. As it often does, love would change those plans. Married young, with a growing family to support, I turned to what would become a very lucrative career in building, project development and design.


My photography career would have to wait.


Eventually, and inevitably, I left the world of building and design to pursue a career in photography. I am glad I waited. My experience in design and my understanding of a sense of place informs my photography in a way that I could never have anticipated.


I began my photography career working for architects and design firms, photographing projects for websites and design competitions. After an assignment in Haiti, I turned to photojournalism where my work, covering feature stories for an award winning regional newspaper in a small southern town, caught the eye of an editor in New York. For the next decade, I would work in commercial photography, creating content for agencies representing clients such as American Express, AT&T, Airbnb and Anheiser Busch.


Each of these experiences has been unique and formative. Today, I have a broad skill set that I can bring to a wide range of projects and assignments.


I consider myself blessed to be able to do this work. I am honored to be a part of every moment that I capture with my camera.


To say I am living my dream would be an understatement.


Neil Colton



Neil Colton creates beautiful original images of people and places.